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Unit Funds

$2.50 per Soldier per fiscal year. Allocated at the Company level and controlled by Company Commander.

Funds do not rollover into the next fiscal year - expire 30 September.

Only to be spent on Soldiers and events must be available to all Soldiers in the Company.

Common Uses: Org Days, Food, Pavilion/equipment rental, bowling events (any events that are leisurely, off-duty, and recreational in nature to build morale within the Company).

Restrictions: Cannot be used for uniforms, physical property over $100, mandatory work-related events/trainings, FRG functions, bottled water, or to cover tips/taxes.

Family members (and guests) may participate at the discretion of the unit members.

Must be approved by Family & MWR prior to utilization. (1 week prior to date of event)

Documents required prior to using funds:

  • Company Commander’s Assumption of Command Orders
  • Delegation of Authority (DA Form 1687)
  • NAF Purchase Request (DA Form 4065-R)
  • A separate purchase request (DA Form 4065-R) is required for each vendor from which you plan to purchase.

Please note: there may by additional questions that would need to be addressed to process your request, but a member of our team will go over everything with you. Should you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone at +1 (912)767-8285

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