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Unit Funds

$5.00 per Soldier per fiscal year to only be used at Fort Stewart & Hunter MWR facilities/services per Garrison Policy Memo #24. Funds are allocated at the Company level and controlled by the Company Commander.

Units are required to establish accounts by providing AAA-162 roster of Soldiers (with no PII) to determine funds available. Units may only provide updated rosters once per fiscal year, and must provide this roster prior to the first usage of funds.

Funds do not rollover into the next fiscal year (expire 30 September). Funds reset every 1 October at start of new fiscal year.

All requests to use funds must be received by Financial Management Office by 1 September of fiscal year.

Only to be requested by Soldiers. Events must be available to all Soldiers in the Company.

Common Uses: Org Days, Food, Pavilion/location rental, equipment/game rental, bowling events (any events, golf events (any events that are leisurely, off-duty, and recreational in nature to build morale within the Company).

Restrictions: Cannot be used for Change of Command, retirement, induction or promotion ceremonies, Hail & Farewells, protocol functions, events adjacent to Command driven functions, mandatory work-related events/trainings, uniforms, physical property, fundraising, SFRG functions, tips, or taxes.

Family members (and guests) may participate at the discretion of the Unit Commander but cannot take the funding from a Soldier.

Any purchase, regardless of how it's paid for, must be approved by Financial Management before the purchase can be made. No reimbursement is authorized for purchases made prior to approval by financial management.

All documents must be submitted 15 days prior to date of event. 

Documents required prior to using funds:

MWR Locations where Funds may be spent:

Please note: There may by additional questions that would need to be addressed to process your request, but a member of our team will go over everything with you. Should you have any questions, please contact us via email.

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