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Parent Central Services is the gateway to all the latest programs and services that Child &  Youth Services has to offer. You can register your child with CYS and receive access and information on all our programs and services. Registration is FREE and RENEWABLE on an annual basis.

In order to maintain the highest level of customer service our Families deserve, Parent Central Services will prioritize patrons by appointment during regular operating hours (last appointment is at 1600). Wednesday is open to better accommodate our walk-in patrons. Failure to provide completed documentation may result in rescheduling of appointment.

CYS Services Parent Handbook

GA Pre-K program Handbook

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Welcome to CYS

Child and Youth Services (CYS) provides programs and services for children of eligible military and civilian families. Within CYS you will find something to meet your children’s needs, including:

  • Full, part time or hourly child care
  • Before/after school care
  • Camps
  • Programs for your middle school and teen youth
  • Instructional classes
  • Workforce preparation opportunities
  • Sports and fitness activities 

Today’s CYS programs, deemed a "model for the nation" by Presidential acclaim, continue to operate on these cornerstones:

  • Quality – Child care is DoD-certified and nationally accredited
  • Availability – Child care is available on- and off-post
  • Affordability – Fees for various programs are competitively priced and affordable regardless of sponsor's income
  • Accountability - To safeguard the Army's resources by efficient management oversight, good fiscal stewardship, reducing waste and protecting assets of programs and services to Soldiers and their Families.



Registration and Forms

1. Make an Appointment at Parent Central Services

Parent Central Services is your one stop shop for access to all programs. This is where you will find the instructions and forms to enroll your children with CYS and to register for:

  • Childcare: Child Development Center (CDC), School-Age Center (SAC) and Army Child Care in Your Neighborhood (ACCYN) community based center programs.
  • Youth Program (Middle School and Teens)
  • Parent Education

To streamline the process and save you time, review the instructions and complete the forms before making your visit to Parent Central Services.

To begin, stop by Parent Central Services or call for an appointment.

2. Complete Required Forms

Form 6 Weeks-5 years old 
1st-6th Grade+ 
Required Annually
Registration Checklist (.pdf) 1 per family N/A  
Health Assessment (.pdf) 1 per child N/A Yes
Child Care Fees and LES (.pdf) 1 per family N/A Yes
Shot Records (you provide) 1 per child N/A Yes

Immunization Schedule updated April 2013 (.pdf)

1 per child 1 per child  
Health Screening Tool (.pdf) 1 per child 1 per child Yes



3. Complete Forms If Applicable

 Form 6 Weeks-5 years old 
1st-6th Grade+ 
Required Annually
Respiratory Medical Action Plan (.pdf) 1 per child 1 per child X as applicable
Special Diet (.pdf) 1 per child 1 per child X as applicable
Allergy Medical Action Plan (.pdf) 1 per child 1 per child X as applicable
Diabetic Medical Action Plan (.pdf) 1 per child 1 per child X as applicable
Seizure Medical Action Plan (.pdf) 1 per child 1 per child X as applicable


4. Bring Forms to your Parent Central Services Appointment

Our expert staff will complete your registration electronically and issue your registration card and password.


5. Enroll in Programs


Fee Structure Chart

Fees are charged monthly regardless of the number of work days in a month, the number of federal holidays or unexpected closures due to command decisions or acts of severe weather. Fees may be paid as follows:

  • Billing for SKIESUnlimited is processed on the 1st  of the month. Parents may pay in person (at any CDC, at SAC or at Parent Central Services) or online. Participants with an outstanding balance after the 5th day will be dropped from the class roster. Sponsors are responsible for fees incurred due to non-payment
  • Billing for Full-day, Before School and After School Programs is processed semi-monthly on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Parents have the option to pay in person or online. Late payment fee of $10 is charged on 6th business day of the billing cycle per child/per program through DD-139 Garnishment.
  • Youth Sports fees are due at the time of enrollment. They are not billed after the intial enrollment cost.
  • Hourly Care Fees are due at the time of pickup.

In accordance with DoD and DA directives, military child care fees are based on Total Family Income (TFI) not military rank or civilian grade. The Military Services subsidize fees on a sliding scale for every Family regardless of rank/grade or income.  TFI is all earned (gross) income including wages, Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), Basic Allowance for Housing with Dependents Rate (BAH RC/T), salaries, tips, special duty pay (flight pay, active duty Demo pay, sea pay) etc., regardless of whether they live in government housing or off the installation. Failure to provide required income verification will result in assignment to highest Fee Category 9.

If a childcare space is not immediately available, you may choose to use our FCC program or hourly care services. You may also elect to be added to our waiting list. When a parent accepts a space, a 10% non-refundable deposit is required - the initial payment will equal 10 percent of the monthly payment rounded to the nearest dollar which will be credited to the first month's payment.

Multiple Child Reductions (MCR): A 15 percent MCR is applied when more than one child is enrolled in regularly scheduled child care program offered by CYS (excluding camps). The second child and subsequent children will receive the discount.

Customer Reviews

11/21/18, Awesome staff!

11/21/18, N McKean, Employee was amazing with her assistance in helping my family get reintegrated. Thank you so very much for everything.

11/20/18, Employee went above and beyond for us and we couldn't have had better service!

10/30/18, D Green, Employee and the rest of the staff were great when providing assitance to our family. I cannot express enough gratitude for each of these ladies. I truly appreciate them.

10/30/18, M Holguin, Employee very timely service, great attitude, very helpful.

10/25/18, I was overall impressed with the help and everyone was knowledgeable about the classes and sports we were interested in.