Become a FCC Provider

Become a FCC Provider

Have you considered becoming a Family Child Care (FCC) Provider? Do you love children and interested in a rewarding career in Early Childhood Education? Then FCC is right for you! Family Child Care allows you to provide quality child care for fellow military families in need of a safe, affordable, and convenient location for their children. 

·       By choosing to become a FCC provider allows you to own a home based business which is transferrable from one installation to another once you and your family PCS*.

·       Family Child Care rates are 15 % lower than facility based child care.

·       Family Child Care hours of operation can be flexible based on the needs of both your family and the families that you serve.

·       Prior to becoming a certified provider a background check is required for the applicant and any family member over the age of 12.

·       Receive weekly home monitoring, oversight, and ongoing professional development opportunities, to include, an orientation week.

·       Family Child Care is a child’s home away from home but an essential extension of the Child and Youth Services programs.

·       Family Child Care follows the Creative Curriculum philosophy which consists of developmentally appropriate materials and activities.

·       Please remember it is okay to be neighborly, however, any unauthorized childcare can put you and your family at risk. A 10 hour child care limit has been established by the Department of Defense to protect all children from being in unregulated child care settings on regular basis.


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