Hunting and Fishing

Hunting and Fishing access will be through iSportsman system.


The fishing season is year-round in ponds and rivers with the prime bass, redbreast, and crappie in the spring of the year.

You must have a current Georgia fishing license and Ft.Stewart fishing permit. Visit Georgia Wildlife for current license information and registration.


Firearm Registration

You must register your gun/weapon to bring it onto Ft.Stewart or Hunter AAF for recreation shooting and hunting. Please do not bring your weapons to the registration station. Note this is not a hunting permit.

Deer Check Station

Dove: 10 Oct - 1 Nov; 26 Nov-15 Jan
Managed dove fields will be open for dove hunting Saturday, Sundays, Wednesdays and Holidays. Dove hunters must be checked into the field with specific code to legally hunt in the dove fields:

Location Access Code
Firing Point 1 in B2 1009
Firing Point 24 in B8 1012
Landing 26 Field in C18 1010
Firing Point 35 in E4 1002
Jaeck DZ Field in E21 1007
Road 3 Field in E21 1016
F2 Field in F2 1004
Firing Point 256 in F3 1005

Select option 6 for bird hunting outside of big game season.

Archery Hunters

All archery hunters must successfully complete a qualification session which are now available by appointment only, contact the Pass and Permit Office at Fort Stewart (912 -435-8061) or the Skeet Range at HAAF (912-315-9354).  Shooters must hit 2 out of 3 arrows in the target at both 20 and 30 yards.  A $5 processing fee will be charged.

Certain training areas require completion of an annual qualification, contact Pass and Permit for those specific areas.

Firing Point 1 in B2                            Access Code       1009

Firing Point 24 in B8                          Access Code       1012

Landing 26 Field in C18                    Access Code       1010

Firing Point 35 in E4                          Access Code       1002

Jaeck DZ Field in E21                        Access Code       1007

Road 3 Field in E21                           Access Code       1016

F2 Field in F2                                    Access Code       1004

Firing Point 256 in F3                        Access Code       1005


Select option 6 for bird hunting OUTSIDE big game season

Individual must have a valid Fort Stewart pass to access training areas for ALL activities (including but not limited to hunting/fishing/camping/picnicking/nature watching) You may not leave Hwy 144 or Hwy 119 outside the cantonment area without a pass and logging into the automated system.  The only exception is the Holbrook Pond Recreation Area off Hwy 144 East. 

Customer Reviews

G Burkhart, I went on the managed hunt Saturday in the B4 area. I had a great time on the hunt even thogugh I didn't harvest anything and the guides did a great job getting us to the stands and ensuring we were safe.