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Family & MWR Hurricane Readiness

HURCON Levels Explained

Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield Hurricane Readiness Conditions are based on the fore- casted arrival of a tropical storm or hurricane.

HURCON 5 – Normal operations. This is the advanced stage of readiness. This condition includes normal day-to-day operations, planning, training and exercises. HURCON 5 goes into effect automatically on June 1 and remains until Nov. 30.

HURCON 4 – Sustained tropical force winds of 50 knots/58 mph or greater which have the potential to impact garrison area within 96 hours.

HURCON 3 – Sustained tropical force winds of 50 knots/58 mph or greater while have the potential to impact garrison area within 72 hours.

HURCON 2 – Sustained tropical force winds of 50 knots/58 mph or greater which have the potential to impact garrison area within 48 hours.

HURCON 1 – Sustained tropical force winds of 50 knots/58 mph or greater which have the potential to impact garrison area within 24 hours.

Landfall – Period between the 12 hours prior to arrival and final departure of sustained tropical winds of 50 knots/58 mph or greater.

*HURCON Level definitions extracted from the Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield website's Severe Weather Preparedness Guide 2020 |

HURCON Levels and Family & MWR Facilities/Programs

Here's a look at safety and preparatory measures taken by Family & MWR at each HURCON level. 

HURCON 5: Normal operations.  

  • Send out and compile HURCON Mission Essential Forms for the "Stay Behind" teams to support Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.
  • Encourage staff to review family/personal plans.
  • Contact pet boarding patrons to ensure emergency contacts for each reservation and
    notify owners of pending storm and that we may have
    to cancel reservations if storm trackers have the storm hitting our area 
  • Notify all campers with pending reservations at our campgrounds.
    For the next 10 days of a pending storm and to stay in touch with the office
    for updates.---      


  • Confirm with all the Mission Essential parents identified on Child & Youth Service registration forms. 
  • Ensure campers have completed all steps/precautions listed on hurricane check list.  
  •  Position Special Events light set at Pet Boarding.
  •  Update campers onsite and pending reservations on evacuation status. 
  •  Encourage campers to go ahead and leave the area
  •  Cancel pending camping and pet boarding reservations up to 2 weeks out.
  •   Update pet owners with reservations on evacuation status. 


  • Cancel all Child & Youth Services sports, field trips, and special events.  All facilities will be cleaned and prepared for arrival of storm. 
  • Notification will be sent to inform Mission Essential of the consolidation location of facilities.  Childcare will be offered to only, Mission Essential beginning at HURCON 2.
  • Release nonessential staff once order is given.
  • Evacuate all campers once order is given.
  • Contact pet owners to pick up all pets by close of business.


  • Consolidated Child & Youth Service facilities will remain open for Mission Essential, (depending on the hurricane category and orders from Command).
  • Confirm all campers have evacuated.
  • Block off entrance to campground once all campers have departed.


  • All Child & Youth Service programs closed and all staff & families are at their safe


*Family & MWR facilities and program follow the guidance given by the Garrison Commander and the Commanding General. 

Hurricane Command Policy

The senior commander makes all decisions requiring evacuation of Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield. Local county emergency man- agement agencies decide on evacuation within their jurisdictions.

Preparation is critical to success. Ensure you have an evacuation plan. Validate your infor- mation in ADPAAS. Build a kit with everything you and your family will need for three days during an evacuation.

Be informed on weather conditions and all guidance from local community, your unit and the installation. Soldiers may have duties that prevent them from evacuating with their Families. On- and off-post Families should be prepared to evacuate to in land locations with or without their sponsors.

Pet owners must make proper arrangements for their pets during evacuations. This includes having enough water and food for each pet. The use of pet carriers is recommended and in some instances, mandatory.

The garrison Facebook page at FortStewartHunterArmyAirfield is the official source of news, information and updates. Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield also posts information about severe weather such as tornados and hurricanes on the installation website at

Policy extracted from | Command Policy 2020.


Now is the time to update your contact information on the ADPAAS website in the event that a storm.  

ADPAAS or The Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System is the U.S. Army's method/process of accounting for personnel and family members after catastrophes. ADPAAS is a web-based, mil-restricted, user- friendly system that enables the Army to collect accurate and timely reports in times of emergency.


ADPAAS enhances the Army's ability to accept accountability reporting from Soldiers, Army Civilians and Non-Appropriated Funds employees, overseas defense contractors, and their DEERS-eligible family members following natural or man-made disasters.

It enables commanders at all levels to identify and account for those in their command affected by a disaster through consolidation of self-accounting and unit mass reporting through the ADPAAS tool.

ADPAAS also allows sponsors and Family members affected by a catastrophe to request assistance via a Needs Assessment Survey, which in turn helps leaders prioritize the where resources and assistance is needed the most.

Stewart-Hunter ADPAAS Team:

  • David C. Curran (Program Manager) 912-767-2160
  • Darrick L. Menzie (Primary Contract Officer) 912-767-6458,
  • Walter L. Ellis (Alternate Contract Officer) 912-315-2761,

*Accountability information taken from the Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield website's Severe Weather Preparedness Guide 2020 |

Readiness Kits

Be ready and proactive in the event a hurricane approaches us.  

Download Emergency Supply List here.  

Helpful Links & Resources

Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield facebook page.

Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield Family & MWR facebook page.

The National Hurricane Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospherical Administration.

For financial assistance to prepare for evacuation:  Army Community Service, Financial Readiness, AER

More details on prep & planning for a storm:

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