Hays Library Surprise Bags

Hays Library Surprise Bags

Hays Library - 316 Lindquist Rd. Bldg. 411 Google Map

As part of our new curbside pickup service, we are now offering Surprise Bags for those who love surprises or those who don't mind someone else picking out their next library haul! 



Registration Info

We'd like to know a little about you so we can pair you up with the perfect bag!  To put in your order, call us with the answers to these questions:

1.  Name, phone #, email address.

2.  Is this Surprise Bag for your or your family?

3.  What subjects interest you or the intended recipient of the Surprise Bag?

4.  If this is for children, what are their ages?

5.  Are you interested in audio books (CD's), DVD's or video games?