Fishin' Challenge

Fishin' Challenge

Low Country Adventure Center (FS/HAAF) - FS Rd. 48 S. (off GA Hwy 144 E.) Bldg. 8325 Google Map

This Fishin' Challenge is sure to test your patience and determination!  We'll have 5 regular tagged fish for each division, adult & youth.  And then we'll have 1 Grand Prize tagged fish for each division, adult & youth.  Each Grand Prize fish for the adult divisions is $1000!  The event starts on 1 Feb and ends on 31 May.

If your patience and determination pay off and you catch a tagged fish email us a picture of the fish with the tag. You'll also need to call 912-435-9303 to set up an appointment to turn the tag in. 


PONDS #'s:

FS:  3, 21, 23, 30

HAAF:  24

3 Divisions:

Bass | Bluegill | Catfish



Cost varies according to registration time frame.  Must register 48 hours before catch to be eligible.  Registration ends 30 Apr. 

Register 1 Dec - 31 Jan:

  • Adult $25 per division
  • Youth (17 years old and younger) $10 per division

Register 1 Feb - 30 Apr:

  • Adult $35 per division 
  • Youth $20 per division

All 3 Divisions:  

  • Adult $60
  • Youth $15


Registration Info

This event is open to the public.  Each participant is required to have a valid fishing permit for Fort Stewart. Click HERE For information on acquiring a fishing permit.  Participants who catch a tagged fish must bring the tag in to Outdoor Recreation.  Examples of potential payouts here!