Virtual Wellness Challenge


Register NOW for the 2020 Virtual Wellness Challenge happening 13 Jul - 15 Aug to not only get fitter but also have the chance to win prizes!  Participants who register before 13 Jul will get an event t-shirt (5 tshirt max per family).  New daily challenges posted on our Facebook page, starting Mon, 13 Jul.  

Top 2 finishers each week will recieve 10 MWR bucks.  Winners will be announced every Monday for the previous week.  

1) Check out the Readiness Questionnaire as a guide to determine whether this program is a good fit for you.  We recommend all participants consult their healthcare provider to determine health level baseline for physical activity prior to participation. Patrons taking part do so at their own risk.

2) Download your Activities Tracker & Food Log for the week (see below).

3) After completion of daily challenges, post in the comment section of the Sports/Fitness facebook page under that challenge or email us a photo.  

4) At the end of the week, email us your completed Activity Tracker & Food Log.

Challenge open to all MWR-eligible patrons.

Sponsored by 5Star Nutrition (sponsorship does not imply Federal Endorsement).



Virtual programs include activities targeted at improving participants’ overall wellbeing.  Primary activity areas include fitness, recovery/flexibility, nutrition, and mindfulness.  Activities will be implemented on a 4-week timeline.  Each individual week will include 5-7 activities. 

Participants will accrue points based on the established scoring system.  Points will be tallied on a week-to-week basis, as well as cumulatively throughout the program.  Weekly totals will run from Monday-Sunday and reset each Monday.  Weekly winners will be announced each Monday for the previous week and awards will be distributed accordingly. 

Open to all authorized FMWR patrons (AD, RES, DEP, Spouses, RET, and DoD).  Patrons can participate either as individuals or as a family.  Families will be counted as a whole, not individually.  If electing to participate as a family, at least (2) family members must complete each challenge to receive points.


Scoring System

Participants will accrue points based on their full participation in the daily/weekly activities.  Full participation and proof must be provided to receive full points for each activity.  Participants will not be able to complete challenges retroactively or ahead of the established schedule.  Proof of participation must be emailed or posted to the MWR Fitness and Sports group page NLT midnight of the day of the challenge.  If no photographic proof is required, a simple notification of completion will suffice.  Participants will be notified of the proof requirements for each activity.  Points will also be tallied cumulatively to determine the overall program winners.  For challenges where the most reps/steps/time wins, points will be awarded for the top-5 finishers in 5/4/3/2/1 format (in addition to completion pts).



The top-2 finishers each week will receive 10 MWR Bucks.  In the event of a tie of 3 or more participants, the tiebreaker shall be who posted their proof of completion of the final task first.  The overall cumulative top-3 point totals will receive the following:  1st place – 20 MWR Bucks, 2nd place – 15 MWR Bucks, 3rd Place – 10 MWR Bucks.  The tiebreaker will be overall number of 1st place finishes, then overall number of 2nd place finishes, etc.


Activity Posting and Participant Proof Requirements

The activity schedule will be posted on the FMWR Adult Sports page of the Stewart Hunter MWR website.  It will also be posted each week on the Stewart Hunter Sports and Fitness Facebook Group.  Each activity will list the proof requirements that participants will have to provide to receive points.  If the requirements are not met, participants will not receive points for completing the activity.  All proof postings must be made for each activity NLT midnight of the day of the challenge.

Activity Tracker / Food Log

Download your fillable Weekly Activities Tracker HERE.

Download your fillable Weekly Food Log HERE.