Stewart Spring Carnival


The carnival is coming to Fort Stewart!  Enjoy 4 days of skill games, amusement rides, food and excitement!  Public is welcome!  

Donovan Field

2 May | Thur: 5pm - 10pm

3 May | Fri: 5pm - Midnight

4 May | Sat: Noon - Midnight

5 May | Sun: 1pm - 7:30pm


Gate Info. & Directions


The Carnival will be located on Donovan Field.  Open gate access will be available at Gate 3 for direct access to the event.   

Vehicles are subject to random search upon entering the installation.  People and their items are subject to search before entering Carnival grounds. 


Wristband Prices

Admission to the carnival grounds is free.

Wristbands to enjoy the rides are $20 per person, per day.


General Info. & Prohibited Items



In the event of an emergency, contact:


  • Please do not bring pets *verified services dogs will be allowed
  • Strollers are ok
  • Prohibited items:
    • Bottles, Cans
    • Weapons, knives and other dangerous instruments