Stewart Fall Carnival

The carnival is coming to Ft. Stewart! Enjoy 4 days of skill games, amusement rides, food & excitement! Also featuring Oktoberfest with German food, music, ceremonial keg tapping & more on Fri, 25 Oct!  Public welcome.  

Donovan Field

24 Oct | Thu: 5pm - 10pm

25 Oct | Fri: 5pm - Midnight (Oktoberfest, 5pm - 10pm)

26 Oct | Sat: Noon - Midnight

27 Oct | Sun: 1pm - 7:00pm

Gate Info & Directions

The Carnival will be located on Donovan Field. Open gate access will be available at Gate 3 for the Carnival.

Vehicles are subject to random search upon entering the installation. People and their items are subject to search before entering the carnival grounds.

Gate 3

Tickets & Wristbands

Event is free to enter.  Food & beverage also available for purchase onsite.


  • $25 for unlimited access to rides
  • Good for 1 day


  • $1 for 1 ticket
  • $15 for 18 tickets
  • $25 for 30 tickets
  • $40 for 48 tickets
General Info & Prohibited Items


  • In the event of an emergency contact


  • Please do not bring pets *verified service dogs will be allowed
  • Strollers are ok
  • Prohibited items
    • Bottles or Cans
    • Weapons, knives, and other dangerous instruments

Thank you to our Sponsors for supporting this year's Fall Carnival!