SPARK! Spouse Conference


Have your SPARK! rekindled at this special event designed for military spouses.

Subject matter experts will discuss topics covering HOME, HEALTH, and CAREER to reimagine-rethink-reignite your life!

Club Stewart | 0900-1445 | 1 Feb 2019
1020 Hero Road, Fort Stewart, GA 31314

Doors Open for Packet Pickup at 0830

Opening Remarks at 0900

  • Conference Fee: $5
  • Lunch Fee: $5 (Optional)
  • Advance registration is required. No day-of registration will take place. 

Get to know your presenters

Each category below lists topics that will be discussed. Don't miss out on this amazing day of information and inspiration! 

Special Guest

VeraStewartImg.jpgGive from the Heart | Vera Stewart

Vera shares her journey to VeryVera, and the mentors that guided her along the way, leading her to become a mentor herself. Enjoy a cooking demonstration, too! 



MelissaRikerImg.jpgQuarters Sweet Quarters - How to Personalize Your Space Without Losing Your Deposit | Melissa Riker

Military life means moving every few years. Melissa shares easy ways to turn your house into a home and to decorate without losing your deposit or busting your budget.

DarlenePearsonImg.jpgCultivating the Money Tree in your Own Backyard | Darlene Pearson

This session covers how 'pruning','watering', and 'fertilizing' can pay off in the long term.




KateJonesImg.jpgTips for Military Moves & Organized Living | Kate Jones

Kate Jones helps you get organized for a move and shares tips for staying organized!





MaggiePearsonImg.jpgArt of Couponing - It's More than Just Clipping | Maggie Pearson

Featured on and, Maggie Pearson shares all of her best couponing tips & tricks.





ChristyMunozIMG.jpgFinding Joy in Everyday Life | Christy Munoz

Learn why we, as humans, tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. This session will help you identifiy stressors and bring focus to things that give you joy.



IJennaWeinsteinIMG.jpgnk-It to Think-It Goal Setting | Jenna Weinstein

We all have thoughts and wishes about what we want, but there is power in writing down your goals. Don't limit yourself. Take the first step in achieving your goals!




MAJLeeImg.jpgThe Super Powers of Super Foods | MAJ Jennifer Lee

Learn how certain foods can greatly benefit your overall health and life.





AlexImg.jpgWhen Good Food Goes Bad: Food Allergies Separating Fact from Fiction | Alexia Beauregard

"Gluten Free," "Lactose Intolerant" ... There's a lot in the news about food allergies these days. Learn what signs to look for!




GregHollowayIMG.jpgDemystifying Acupuncture | Isa Holloway

Curious about acupuncture and how it might help you?  Don't know where to start or who to ask?   In this session, Isa Holloway will reveal the history of acupuncture and all the ways in which it can benefit a wide range of health issues.  He will give an introduction to acupressure points too.


CarsonFortnerIMG.jpgSelf Defense | Carson Fortner & MSG Joseph Bouchard

Krav Maga is a modern and dynamic self-defense system.  It is practical for all people. The techniques used expand on a person’s natural instincts and enable the potential to address any kind of attack. 









TammyMeyerIMG.jpgYes, I Have an ID Card, But Who am I, Really? | Tammy Meyer

Keeping your identify, having a family, enjoying a meaningful career, business or volunteerism all while applying your special gifts and talents can seem insurmountable.  Navigating the unique challenges of a military lifestyle can leave you and your personal goals feeling last.  How do you find your place?  What do you do?  Where do you start?



ChristyBlackIMG.jpgBlogging for a Living | Christy Black

How does one start a blog and how does a blog generate revenue? How do brand partnerships work? Christy will outline how her business grew from a hobby to a full-time career and why blogging has been the perfect career for an ever-relocating military spouse.



DshawnRussellIMG.jpgI Started a Business - You Can Too! | D'Shawn Russell

D'Shawn will share what she's learned in the development of her own company - lessons learned, best practices, and the surprises along the way.



DanetteHayesIMGIMG.jpgWhat Are Your Dreams? - How Will You Get There? | Danette Hayes

Learn to target volunteer opportunities to help shape your resume and support your dreams. Danette will also discuss portable careers, building your resume, how to understand the reality of your current situation, and how to fill in any gaps.



TamekaFranklinIMG.jpgStepping Back Into the Classroom | Temeka Franklin

This session offers information & resources for military spouses interested in starting or returning to school. Get helpful tips to prepare for college as an adult learner. 

Paying for School as an Adult - What's Available to Military Spouses Today? | Temeka Franklin

You've made the decision to step back into the classroom. How are you supposed to finance your education? Don't worry - many adult learners face this dilemma. This session will highlight financial resources available to assist military spouses with funding their education.

SueFaustIMG.jpgInterested in government employment? | Sue Faust, Alexandria Brown, & Heather Jester

Learn about the military spouse preference Program "S"-- specifically noting how it can be beneficial and/or productive to those that wish to become employed in the Federal arena.
















Need Childcare?

Stewart-Hunter Child & Youth Services (CYS) is opening hourly care for spouses that would like to attend this event. Our accredited hourly care is $5 per hour and food is included. However, CYS services are only open to registered patrons. 

  • For registered patrons, please sign up here.   
  • If you need to register, please sign up at Parent Central Services (PCS) before signing up for care. 

There are a few spaces available through the Hinesville Armed Forces YMCA. For care from 8am - 3:30pm cost is $15 for the day and guests are required to bring their own food. 

Please note: A 'no-show' fee is in effect for no-show customers who reserved care with Stewart-Hunter CYS. Policies and rates may differ between Stewart-Hunter CYS & AFYMCA. All spaces are based on caregiver-to-child ratios and will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Limited spaces, register today!

For questions, please email us. We will reach back out to you asap.

Thank you for everything you do every day and we will see you at SPARK!