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Catering and Conferencing

Conveniently located next to the Army Lodging Facility, Club Stewart Catering and Conference Center hosts events as small as 20 and as large as 800 depending on the style of event. 

Enjoy your event inside our elegant ballroom, modern Club Stewart dining room or any of our 6 other smaller ballrooms and work with our professionally trained catering team to plan your dream event! 

We strive to meet your culinary and event planning expectations and go above and beyond as a standard! Club Stewart catering is also your go to place for catering deliveries, catering to go and catering full scale offsite events within a 75 mile radius. 

Regardless of your needs, we have the answer and the capability to please!

Types of Catering Events

Private Catered Events

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Birthday Parties
  • Queincierras and Sweet 16 Parties
  • Retirement Parties
  • School Events
  • Corporate Events and Conferences

Military Catered Events

  • Brigade, Battallion and Unit Balls
  • Hail and Farewells
  • Promotion Parties
  • Change of Command Ceremonies and Receptions
  • Right Arm Nights
  • Leadership Development Nights
  • Offsite Catering and Event Planning for Military Events

Official Military Events

  • Training Classes
  • Military Conferences
  • Personal development Courses
  • MWR Training
Venue Room Rentals


  • $600 Weekday Half-Day
  • $900 Weekday Full Day
  • $1000 Weekend 

2/3 Ballroom:

  • $400 Weekday Half-Day
  • $750 Weekday Full Day
  • $750 Weekend 

Patriots Corner:

  • $225 Weekday Half-Day
  • $325 Weekday Full Day
  • $400 Weekend 

Liberty Lounge:

  • $225 Weekday Half-Day
  • $325 Weekday Full Day
  • $400 Weekend 

Palmetto Lounge:

  • $275 Weekday Half-Day
  • $375 Weekday Full Day
  • $450 Weekend

Warriors Lounge:

  • $275 Weekday Half-Day
  • $375 Weekday Full Day
  • $450 Weekend 

Dining Room:

  • $375 (Evenings Only) Weekday Half-Day
  • $500 Weekday 
Items & Display Rentals

If you're looking to host an event at home, at a local venue or at work then Club Stewart Catering has all the items you need to execute a fabulous event.

Linens for Rent:

$25 Table Skirting 

$0.25/ea Extra Skirt Clips

$10 114" Rectangular Tablecloth

$10 85x85" Tablecloth (white & non-white)

$10 72" Tablecloth (white, ivory, black)

$2 Napkins



$12 Aluminum Chaffing Dishes w/Water Pans

$3 Sterno (4hr heat)


All rental items are available within reservation made 48hrs in advance as long as the item is not already allocated elsewhere.

The average rental period is 72hrs but exception can be made on a case by case basis. Any items not listed but requested through the catering office may be available with 7 days notice.